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Why Should I Service My Car?

When should I service my car?

You should get you car serviced every 12 month or every 12,000 miles. This is so you know you car is fully functional and and not close to breaking down.



Servicing your vehicle regularly, is very important because it increases the chance of problems being caught before they become a major problem. Not servicing could also involve an accident because an important part of the car might break or become unusable. For example if your breaks stopped working during a drive, you won’t be able to stop and could cause an accident.

Saving Money

Failing to service your car could lead to some costly damage. The main money saver is engine oil. If you don’t keep lubricating your engine will seize up over time. Also the same thing could happen if you have low oil levels it’ll struggle to get to the required parts.

Time Savers

Servicing your car could also save you a lot of time. For example if you break down on your way to an important meeting there is a huge chance you’ll be late to that meeting. This is because you will have to wait for either someone to pick you up, and/or a local breakdown company to come and help. So having your vehicle serviced will decrease your chances of a break down.

Also if you don’t change your filter you will use more fuel. The older it gets the more clogged up it’ll be and less air will get through increasing fuel usage.


Getting your vehicle tested will without a doubt increase the lifespan. This is because if you don’t service your vehicle the constant use of broken parts will eventually damage other parts of the car deeming it unusable.