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Door, Boot and Bonnet opening.

Here at Top Tread Tyres, as part of our 25 point checks.

Our team will check that the door, boot and bonnet opens and closes as it should.
This will include checking that they are all greased and operate smoothly.

Should our mechanics find any issues whilst being checked.
They will advise you about getting them resolved.

Our check involves checking the latches are operating properly and not likely to get jammed.
Having them greased will stop them from sticking or jamming in position.
We recommend using a good quality grease to keep them in good condition.

White lithium grease is good for metal-to-metal joints like hinges and latches, which need a clinging grease to repel water and hold up under harsh conditions.

WD-40 is for light-duty lubrication and freeing up sticking or partially rusted hinges and catches.

Silicone spray is great for lubricating nylon, plastic and metal when only a thin layer of lubricant is necessary.
And because silicone dries, it won’t get clothing greasy.

Graphite lubricant is the right choice for locks—it won’t attract dirt to fine lock mechanisms like oil would.

  • Door Locks – We tend to forget about our door locks until the key breaks off in the cylinder.
  • Fuel Filler Cap – Your fuel filler cap really takes some abuse, especially in the winter months when the roads are being salted.
  • Bonnet Catch – Wipe the grime and dirt away with a clean cloth.
  • Bonnet Hinges – Wipe the hinge area with a clean rag and spray it with white lithium grease or a few drops of ordinary motor oil.
  • Boot Hinges – Lubricate your boot hinges using the same method you used for the bonnet hinge.
  • Door Hinges – If the door squeaks every time you open it, the hinges could be bound by corrosion.

This is checked under our 25 point check

Please see our 25 point check page for more info