Finding your tyre size

Finding your tyre size can be a daunting task when you don’t know what you’re looking for.
Most tyres will have the size shown clearly on the side to make finding a replacement easier.

tyre size

Tyre Width (205) – The width measurement in millimetres (mm) of the treaded area.

Tyre Profile (55) – The profile is the percentage height of the tyre sidewall.

Rim Diameter (16) – The diameter is the size the rim/wheel is designed to fit, measured in inches.

Speed Rating (W) – The speed rating gives the maximum speed the tyre is suitable for. See the table below for an explanation of each speed rating.


Speed Rating Table

Speed Rating Mile/Hour Kilometers/Hour Speed Rating Miles/Hour Kilometers/Hour
N 87 140 U 124 200
P 93 150 H 130 210
Q 99 160 V 149 240
R 106 170 Z 150+ 240+
S 112 180 W 168 270
T 118 190 Y 186 300