Mobile Tyre Replacement & Fitting

Top Tread Tyres can supply and fit new tyres directly to you whether at home, work or any other suitable location. We can fit a variety of tyres for most vehicles including heavier-load vehicles like caravans, 4x4s and trailers.

Any tyre purchased from our website can be fitted for a small fee by our Mobile Fitting team upon checkout or by contacting us. We stock hundreds of different tyres; both new and part worn. If you don’t see the tyre you want in stock then feel free to contact us and we may be able to order you new premium or budget tyres.
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Van Tyres

Top Tread Tyres stock a high number of both affordable commercial tyres and higher-end premium tyres which are much more resistant and adapted to withstand extra load and do so with a longer life. Our Mobile Fitting team is capable of refitting and servicing commercial van tyres as well as your ordinary car tyre. Commercial tyres can be found on our site marked with the letter C suffixed at the end of the size of the tyre.
for example: 195/70/15C or 185R14C

van tyres

4×4 Tyres

We supply a range of different tyres to suit all types of 4×4 vehicles from mud-terrain to road use. Sport Tyres, for example, are more suited to road/highway usage and provide better comfort, handling and control just like a normal premium car tyre. All-Terrain tyres provide a medium between road use and off-road use and also have a tough, resistant multi-direction tyre tread to them. Mud-Terrain tyres are designed to combat extreme off road conditions in all types of weather due to their aggressive and deep treads.

range rover sport

Run-Flat Tyres

Run-Flat tyres are increasing in popularity and manufacturers are often fitting these tyres as standard. Run-flat tyres (also known as Extended Mobility Tyres) use ‘Self Supporting Technology’ to increase safety and handling. The purpose of a run-flat tyre is to keep the vehicle under control following a loss of air pressure. This allows the vehicle to continue driving safely away from the road to seek repairs with a deflated tyre. It’s made possible by the reinforced sidewall able to support the full weight of the vehicle.

However a tyre pressure monitoring system is required to alert the driver of a loss of pressure in any one of the run-flat tyres as they are only designed to run with zero pressure at a set speed for a certain distance. Run flat tyres are excluded from caravans and trailers as the extra weight of a towed vehicle puts the vehicle’s tyres under additional stress which can’t be monitored effectively when caravans & trailers are not equipped with TPMS. Due to the higher risk of an accident or ruining your tyres, run flats are therefore not recommended for towing.

If you have any questions about Run-Flat tyres feel free to call one of our experienced tyre specialists.


Winter Tyres

Winter tyres (marked M+S) are designed for use when the temperature falls below 7ºC. In the UK the temperature is usually below 7ºC for several months of the year. Winter tyres drastically improve safety by shortening braking distances and increase performance in comparison to summer tyres when on wet or icy road surfaces. Winter tyres are as resistant as summer tyres so it’s always a good idea to get your tyres changed early to avoid trouble later in the cold seasons. It’s also recommended to replace all your tyres with winter ones too to maximise your vehicle’s efficiency on icy roads. Top Tread Tyres stock many different brands and sizes of winter tyres online and in-branch.

winter tyres long

Caravan & Trailer Tyres

Much like van tyres, Caravans and Trailers require good-strength tyres to support the extra load. Caravans are often left stationary outdoors in all kinds of weather which speed up the ageing of the tyres due to the materials wearing over time so it is recommended that caravan tyres should be replaced after several years or even earlier if the sides of the tyre show any signs of cracking or splitting.

Run flats are excluded for Caravans and Trailers as the extra pressure from heavy load and the lack of a tyre pressure monitoring system – see the section on Run Flats above.

caravan tyres