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Puncture Repairs

Do you have a tyre puncture?

Our team will assess whether the tyre is repairable and will carry out a complete repair if required. Puncture repairs start at £10.

In some cases, a tyre may not be repairable so will require a complete replacement.
Things such as the age of the tyre, condition of it’s tread or multiple past repairs may be unsuitable for further repairs and would be safer to remove from the vehicle completely.

10 Things to Remember About Tyre Pressures

1. Tyres should be cold when you check tyre pressures – preferably they shouldn’t have driven more than 3 miles

2. Tyre Pressures should be checked at least monthly, more often if you are driving long journeys, or are driving large numbers of miles.

3. Check and change the tyre pressures if you are driving a heavily laden vehicle – always check the hand book or consult your garage

4. Get the correct pressure details from either the vehicle handbook, drivers door ledge or petrol cap

5. Check that any pressure gauge you use is reliable and has been calibrated recently

6. Don’t forget to check the spare when you check your pressures

7. Pressures decrease more rapidly in warmer weather so check more often

8. If you are towing don’t forget to check the pressures on these

9. Use your regular pressure check to check the general condition of your tyres

10. If in doubt consult Top Thread Tyres

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Puncture Repair